Tidy Enforcement Agency

About TEA - History

TEA began spontaneously, by two people - Carty and myself. For those who have met me (tOOlman) you will know where Tidy has its origins. The man (me) doesn't stop using it to describe incredible feats or tidy ways - see there I go, Tidy kinda grows on you. Tidy is mostly used to congratulate others on a job well done. Can also describe the booty on a sexy gal, now that's TIDY!! With both of us coming from the same police background, it was without doubt the reason Enforcement was used in our clan name :)

Agency gave the clan a covert appeal and made a tidy close to our clan name. Cause who knows what those Government type people get up to? I am the man behind TEA, with Carty as my close personal protection guy, hehehe Co-Prez. Oh yeah all concepts were heavily influenced by the overuse of alcohol. Special thanks to Victoria Bitter, Tooheys New, and XXXX. Those were our main sponsers, unfortunately there are too many to list and keep a reader interested.

So feel free to challenge the guys at TEA - we're a great bunch of fellas.

- tOOly (Agency Leader/Founder)